The best software for managing your boat share

A simple-to-use system with all the services you need.


Plan the boat around your lifestyle! Boat Equity is flexible, with no fixed schedules.

Online Booking

Synchronise all bookings with Boat Equity’s online booking calendar. Confirmations are automatically sent to all owners.


Boat Equity is designed around a comprehensive legal agreement that protects your investment.


Maintain independence and control your own boat syndicate without the need for expensive third party management.

24 hr On-line booking

Our unique proven system allocates each owner a number of points. Each owner is free to utilise the points booking system as they choose. It’s a simple equitable and innovative system that provides owners with a breakthrough in flexible usage 24 hours a day.

On-line logbook

Our software calculates the fuel usage for each voyage and sends account reports to each owner.

Accounts Management

Our software compiles each owner’s monthly usage then emails an accounts report at the end of each month.

Share register

Boat Equity provides a share register of the ownership breakdown; this allows for the disposal of shares to ensure each owner is free to market/sell their ownership in the vessel.

Telephone Support

For telephone support, please phone 1300 727 828.

Syndicate Agreement© (optional)

A comprehensive agreement that is easily understood and provides protection and peace of mind.

To view a free sample of the contents page only click here.

To purchase a complete sample of the Boat Equity Syndicate Owners Agreement please click here.

Syndicate Guidelines©

A 10 page document detailing how the syndicate works and clearly sets out all obligations and responsibilities for each owner.


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Email Notification

Our Software sends courtesy notifications to each owner so you know when others have booked the vessel or if any damage or maintenance has occurred.

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