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The most comprehensive system to independently manage your boat syndicate with confidence.

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The best software for boat syndication.


Plan the boat around your lifestyle! Boat Equity is flexible, with no fixed schedules.

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Synchronise all bookings with Boat Equity’s online booking calendar. Confirmations are automatically sent to all owners.


Boat Equity is designed around a comprehensive legal agreement that protects your investment.


Maintain independence and control your own boat syndicate without the need for expensive third party management.

How It Works

3 simple steps to boat sharing freedom.

1. Login

Login online with a secure password to access your boat 24hrs a day.

2. Schedule bookings ©

Schedule your bookings at a moments notice or up to 12 months in advance with the easy-to-use points weighted online calendar.

3. Real boat ownership

No more planning or permission required, access your own boat with your own keys in accordance to your bookings without the permission or confirmation from any 3rd parties or other owners!

You’ll rave about it too.

Susan Booth

We have been using Boat Equity for three years and believe its the best way to manage a boat if you have more than one owner. Multiple owners not only allow you to spread costs but also rotate responsibilities and share the good times. The web based interface is easy and we have never had any disagreements regarding double bookings. We have bought into a share and had a share sold as a joint owner and all has been seamless. Very happy to recommend Boat Equity!

– Susan Booth
Paul Bebbington

I bought into a share syndicate boat approx. 2 years ago and the current owners were using Boat Equity and I am glad they were. I didn’t think much of it at the time but I would not go into another one unless they were using the Boat Equity site. It is seamless and transparent and with the legal agreement¬©, it gives everyone total peace of mind. Thoroughly recommend it.

– Paul Bebbington