Sell Shares In Your Boat

Unlock the full potential of your investment.

Why Syndicate?

The Boat Equity solution allows you to sell shares in your boat, releasing valuable equity without compromising your lifestyle.

Optimal Usage

Bring your ownership in line with your usage. Why own a whole boat you can only use a fraction of the time.

Unlock Equity

A hole in the ocean to take money out of? We thought you’d like the sound of that.

Lower Ongoing Costs

Upgrades and replacement parts are much more affordable when you share the cost. A quarter-share boat owner explains, “everything is like it’s on a 75% off sale when it comes to paying costs of upgrades and maintenance”.


The Boat Equity marketplace allows buyers and sellers to transact on shares with confidence.

Reduced Responsibilities

Instead of dealing with every aspect of owning a boat, share the responsibilities among the other owners.

Local Agents and the Syndication Process

For more details on how to syndicate your boat please contact your local Boat Equity broker.

1/2 Boat Share
Very heavy usage
1/3 Boat Share
Heavy use
1/4 Boat Share
Medium usage
1/5 Boat Share
Medium / Light usage
1/6 Boat Share
Light usage

Make the most of your investment.