Boat owners sharing intelligently. We set out to make shared boat ownership work.

As boat owners, we’ve experienced many approaches to boat sharing – each with good points, and not-so-good points. Our experience convinces us that boat share partners appreciate a real sense of ownership and independence. You want the flexibility to make your own decisions and to use your boat your way. No rigid rules and fixed schedules.

So we made that our design goal for Boat Equity’s world leading management system: to give you a genuine sense of ownership.

Our system puts you in control of an intelligent approach to equitable sharing, with the structure and all the tools you need to operate independently. Flexible, accessible, convenient, and secure. And it works. We developed our system using real boats, real owners, and real boat sharing experience.

Enjoying an environmentally responsible boating lifestyle

We believe boat sharing is the ecologically responsible way to own a boat. Like you, we love the boating lifestyle and we also love the planet. We want to preserve our precious waterways for future generations and to reduce our carbon footprint in everything we do. When you share with other owners, you dramatically reduce wastage of resources and materials, manufacturing, transport, and marine infrastructure. We’re proud to help boating enthusiasts adopt boat sharing as an environmentally aware leisure activity.

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